Recruitment Fraud

It has been brought to our attention that various individuals and organizations have been targeting various companies within the financial industry with recruitment fraud. Virtu Financial is posting this in an effort to prevent further instances of this from occurring and to protect those targeted by these scams.

Identifying Recruitment Fraud

Recruitment fraud can occur in different ways. The most common tactic used is to post a fraudulent job posting utilizing the company's name and general information. After receiving your contact information, the scammer will generally offer employment after a brief number of emails or instant messenger chats.
Please note the following regarding Virtu Financial's Recruitment Process:

If you have any doubts as to the legitimacy of a contact regarding a position at Virtu Financial please follow the steps below.

Questions and Reporting Suspected Recruitment Fraud

If you ever have doubts regarding the legitimacy of an email communication, website, or any other relevant issue relating to Virtu Financial, please email your concern or question to: Include contact information so that we may communicate with you directly.
In addition, please send any questionable email to: Virtu Financial will attempt to investigate the situation and escalate the issue to the proper authorities. When sending emails, please do the following:
  1. Attach Original Message: Please generate a new message and send the original questionable message as an attachment.
  2. Preserve Original Message: Please do not change the original subject line of the email you received or edit the message content in any way.
  3. Save the original message for 30 days to assist further investigation as necessary.