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Trading Venues

Advanced, Independent Marketplaces with Unique Liquidity and Functionality.

Our leading execution venues give you access to electronic trading solutions that offer liquidity and functionality. Virtu offers two unique platforms, Virtu BondPoint and Virtu MatchIt, that help bring investors together by providing market access, unique liquidity, speed and trading efficiencies.

Electronic Fixed Income

Virtu BondPoint is a leading provider of electronic fixed income trading solutions that delivers access to centralized liquidity and automated, cost-efficient trade execution services. Specializing in the odd lot bond market, Virtu BondPoint operates a Regulation ATS ECN that links more than 400 financial services firms to 200,000 live and executable bids and offers. Virtu BondPoint also provides comprehensive front-end fixed income and workflow solutions that easily integrate with existing systems, from inventory and order management to middle and back office clearing.

Anonymous Trading in Off-Exchange Equity Liquidity

Our off-exchange equity trading offerings provide access to crossing opportunities with non-displayed liquidity.

Virtu MatchIt is an ATS that operates in the United States and is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. MatchIt is an anonymous crossing venue that brings together a variety of sources of non-displayed liquidity from broker-dealers. These sources include liquidity providers, institutional brokers, Virtu’s client market making business, Virtu proprietary flow, DMA flow from third-party broker-dealers, and algorithmic order flow from third-party broker-dealers and Virtu Electronic Trading.