July 2021

Triton Valor
New shortcuts for getting things done

Quick actions and intuitive design can help you customize repetitive tasks to fit your needs.


WRK for Better Workflow

The WRK panel merges order parameters and algo GUI, incorporating level 1 and 2 information into a single dialog for quick actions with less clicks.

  • WRK can handle waves of orders or single name routing, expand the dialog to show L1 and L2 data for the security you are trading
  • Configure WRK to launch with or without preset values for size, type and destination
  • WRK can be left open to send multiple slices or waves from a selection of entries

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Correct or Cancel in One

Say no to multiple windows, say yes to quick-access Corrections panel.

  • Built using WRK technology, the Correction panel delivers order management via a hot button, right-click menu or double-click on the ticker
  • The panel can also be added to your workspace as a permanent correction view to correct linked orders on the fly

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Click. Group. Share.

The Trade Recap shortcut can streamline everyday communications directly from Triton.

  • By default, this shortcut works as described, to launch, select one or many entries and right-click to recap your orders to clipboard or email
  • Select which app to send the message (text or email)
  • You can customize how Trade Recap works with your entries via custom columns and text
  • Sharing by email? Recipients, subject line and compose body can all be pre-loaded to save time or you can assign on the fly
  • Totals shortcut: Automate recap function broken out by grouping (i.e.: side, sector) or simply send totals. Can be done in absolute or net terms.
As an example, send a recap message for total ordered, filled and remaining values on your entries grouped by sector and side or by account and side.

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Reimagined Futures Rolls

  • Expanded symbology universe
  • Ability to submit an exchange-traded futures roll (FIX 4.4 support) from two different contracts
  • Multiple buys and sells within the same contract can be rolled-up to a single line
  • Supports asymmetric rolls–remaining quantity will be created in a new entry for that contract (original entries will be locked)
  • Bulk roll creation supported by highlighting multiple orders
  • Create custom views or partition rolls into unique baskets/lists to separate order flows in the Triton workspace
  • Rolls can be sent to an electronic DMA or cash desk

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This isn’t just a simple upgrade; this is our most advanced EMS.