Frontier Execution Algorithms
Comprehensive global algo suite leverages Virtu’s market making heritage
Multi-Asset Execution & Measurement
Equities, ETFs, options, futures, FX and fixed income
Global EMS features a broker-neutral, multi asset-class platform featuring integrated suite of pre-trade, real-time and post-trade analytics; a robust workflow and notifications toolkit; and a highly configurable, user-friendly interface.
Algo Wheel
Equities and futures
Automate and randomize broker selection–subject to your constraints and trading goals.  Built-in feedback loop and TCA helps buy-side clients achieve performance gains through improved execution quality and workflow efficiency with an aim towards reducing trader bias.
Equities, options (listed and OTC), swaps, futures and forwards, ETFs, swaptions on CDS and IRS, structured products
Electronic bilateral request-for-quote platform for listed and OTC securities centralizes price discovery. Detailed metrics provide insight and can help with your regulatory and compliance audit reporting.
Multi-Asset TCA
Equities, FX, fixed income and futures
Rely on Virtu’s leading global transaction cost analytics (TCA) to optimize your execution workflows for insight on what it costs to implement your investment decisions.
Trade Analytics and Data
Global Multi-Asset Products and Services
Equity FX Fixed Income Future
Pre-Trade TCA done done done
Real-Time TCA done done
Post-Trade TCA done done done done
Global Peer Data done done done done
Trade Surveillance done done done done
Regulatory Reporting done done done done
TCA for a Trader.
Virtu’s trading strategies are designed with simple principles in mind: trader intuition and transparency. When the trade is complete, Prism offers post-trade insight into strategy order placement and intention.
Simple. Practical. Transparent.
Prism’s goal is to enhance algo transparency by providing a clean view into strategy objectives and implementation. Available via Prism, are pre-designed templates that align liquidity and performance metrics with each algo strategy.
The power of a global EMS, taken further.
Productivity-enhancing tools live inside every Triton and our newest release, Valor, continues to transform the trader desktop experience by fitting Virtu’s advanced technology into an intuitive, all-in-one trading tool. Our next-generation in-memory database provides higher throughput and lower latency messaging on both order level metrics and analytics. Do all this (and more) with the support of Valor’s upgraded hot-hot failover for disaster recovery. Check out some other noteworthy Valor updates:
The new power couple.
Trading analytics changed the way we approach execution. It all changes again with Valor and the integrated all-new Analytics Portal—designed from the ground up to provide streamlined access to Virtu’s transaction cost analytics within Triton.
Bolster your data. Enrich your intelligence.
Powered by Virtu, the new Open Technology platform leverages our global and multi-asset class foundational products and client-focused offerings into a data-as-a-service solution. The platform offers a growing library of application programing interfaces (APIs) and other tools to supply you with your Virtu data.
Data that adapts to you, so you don’t have to adapt to it.
In response to shifting digital markets, clients are upgrading from a file-based method of data gathering in favor of next-generation API-based extractions. APIs fuel the versatile and rapid development of innovative business intelligence models while providing other ancillary benefits.