Liquidity Solutions


Operating in 36 countries, POSIT is an equity crossing venue that extends across the world—as an ATS in the US and Asia Pacific, an MTF and periodic auction facility in Europe and a dark crossing network in Latin America. 

MatchIt ATS

Our anonymous crossing venue brings together a variety of sources of liquidity in US stocks and ETFs, including liquidity providers, institutional brokers, third-party brokers and Virtu’s client market-making and proprietary businesses.

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Indications of interest (IOIs)

We offer three types of IOIs: Natural IOIs are available when Virtu has a client order in hand and is looking for a contra order. House-Natural IOIs are available when we use a qualifier to indicate a directional bias in retail volume. Finally, we offer General-Interest IOIs where an IOI includes side, size and price but is not based on current orders or specific executed volumes.


POSIT Alert is a global and anonymous block indications network, delivering block liquidity each day to subscribers’ desktops in 38 countries around the globe. Buy-side traders use this solution to maximize liquidity, minimize information leakage, and reduce market impact by matching at the midpoint without the need for negotiation.

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