Execution solutions


Our comprehensive global suite features single-stock, portfolio and pairs strategies designed for low latency and maximum flexibility.

Regardless of how or what you want to trade, our liquidity experts will provide you transparency and greater control to implement new or existing strategies more efficiently, while capturing market opportunities cost effectively.


Our dark pool aggregation gives you unbiased access to expansive dark liquidity via non-displayed destinations such as POSIT liquidity, other ATSs/MTFs and some exchange dark order types. Dark helps you optimally allocate orders, find quality fills and minimize information leakage.

Smart Order Router (SOR)

Our event-driven routing model employs intelligent routing and posting logic to target multiple light and dark destinations at the best available price.

Best Market Server (BMS)

BMS routers evaluate inter-listed security orders against both the US and Canadian markets based on the current FX rate and seek out the best price and quality liquidity for the order.


With Prism, you can observe our algos and smart routers at work, in real time. Track the progress of your fills, see the order plan and any deviations, and review the estimated order finish time—all in one application. When trades are filled, Prism provides the detailed execution venue reports you need to understand performance.

High-touch, electronic, ETF and portfolio trading

Experienced high-touch, electronic, ETF and portfolio trading teams add value at every stage of the investment process. We use integrated liquidity, workflow, execution and analytics solutions to determine optimal order routing and share insights that help you make informed execution decisions. We provide independent, agency execution services in more than 60 markets globally.

Clients count on the market insight of our experienced Institutional Trading team to help access liquidity, maintain anonymity and minimize market impact. Complementing our Algorithmic Services, our team of traders delivers high-quality execution services, leveraging a deep understanding of the markets as well as customized trading technology designed to efficiently interact with Virtu’s institutional and broker-dealer liquidity. Our institutional traders have a long history of strong client relationships and providing exceptional client service.

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