Of the world’s largest asset managers use our TCA


Standard benchmarks covered


Custom benchmarks or models to meet specific measurement needs


Global securities featured in comprehensive end-of-day-market data report


Of all global equity institutional trading funneled into our peer transaction database–the world’s largest

Transaction Cost Analytics (TCA)

75% of the largest global institutional asset managers rely on our multi-asset TCA to improve their execution performance before, during and after trades. They count on actionable intelligence sourced from our market-leading Global Peer database, Agency Cost Estimator model, 100+ standard benchmarks and 200+ custom benchmarks designed to meet specific measurement requirements—all geared to improve performance and reduce the costs of investment implementation.


Analytics Solutions

Global Peer database

The world’s most robust database of performance insights, Global Peer uses proprietary transaction data from asset managers encompassing more than 20% of all institutional equity trades globally. Each stage of the investment process is compared to that of industry peers trading under the same conditions to systematically assess the quality of executions.

Agency Cost Estimator (ACE)

Optimize your execution outcomes. Our proprietary ACE model estimates costs, compares essential data and evaluates market conditions for 50+ markets using historical volume, volatility and spread data throughout all touchpoints of the trade life cycle. ACE is recalibrated quarterly with trade data from our Global Peer database—the world’s largest and most trusted supplier of performance insights.

Portfolio Optimizer

Put your ideas into practice efficiently using our optimization tool to test portfolio constructs. Factor in model risk, transaction costs, taxes and constraints until you discover your optimal mix. Use the system’s built-in back-testing environment to create cost-effective trade lists immediately and for the long term.


Execution Concierge Service

Virtu’s outsourced trading service—Execution Concierge Service (ECS)—delivers an end-to-end, multi-asset class solution that is designed to feel and act like your own in-house trading operation.

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