Quality order execution

We provide superior order execution to clients globally, across multiple asset classes.

Deep liquidity

Hundreds of broker-dealers in the marketplace rely on Virtu’s market-making capabilities because of our deep liquidity. We handle ~25% of market orders placed by retail investors in the US.1 In small- and mid-cap securities where liquidity is harder to find, our leading market share helps you find the other side of the trade.

1 Based on Rule 605 Market Share, June 2019

Expertise in block trading

Virtu maintains a specialized market-making desk staffed with traders who are experts in handling harder-to-trade orders such as oversized blocks, specialized client order types and stocks affected by breaking news or events.

Renowned client service

Virtu provides personal service to build strong relationships, quickly answer inquiries and resolve trading issues. Our market makers, relationship managers and operations specialists serve as a single point of contact for meeting your demands and helping determine the right strategy or service for your needs.

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