Cross-asset. Cross-data.

Now synced and powered by Virtu Analytics.

Whether you prefer a single asset or want an all-asset view across your entire order book, Virtu data sets can be customized to your preference.

Virtu Analytics ingests, normalizes and visualizes new data sets, which frees you to focus on your existing analytical capabilities. As asset managers continue their digital transformations, Portal is ready to meet your evolving data needs across all channels: desktop, web and API.

Multiple asset classes, comprehensive data sets, all under one control.

Multi-asset pre-trade portability

Portal delivers a consistent equity, FX and FI pre-trade experience that can help eliminate the need for multiple systems and simplify new tool learning across all desks and regions.

Your execution plan partner, real-time tracking

Traders can use real-time monitoring for initial strategy selection and throughout the trading day—data-driven guidance helps confirm trade decisions and identify if there is a need to alter current execution plans.  Integrated with Triton, real-time monitoring enables the trader to define parameters and receive notifications for  when an order may need to be modified.

Expanded post-trade US broker reporting

Our broker best execution reporting not only delves into the traditional value traded and commission paid, but now includes US broker routing practices thanks to the integrated 606 data set.

Coming Next

Our next focus is on expanding your current capabilities.