October 2020

Analytics Portal
Customized to your needs

The latest release of Virtu’s Analytics Portal makes customizing a dashboard or report that much easier.

Multiple products are available and packaged with templates we have designed to get you started.

Control and flexibility in customization based on your specific needs and those of your targeted audiences:

  • Compliance
  • Best execution committee
  • Board of directors
  • End-investors

New custom chart and page builder tools help you create or reproduce desired layouts in a few clicks.
Learn how by following the step-by-step guide below as we illustrate typical customization requests.



I use specific benchmarking for reports that are not included in the standard template

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I want to add the trader name to my outlier page so that I can get details, if needed, when reviewing any trades

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I need to replicate a chart that I normally include in my external client reporting

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I need a way to see how my costs evolve by days in the market

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Coming Next

Our next focus is on expanding your current capabilities.