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Customized Liquidity

Virtu Fixed Income Liquidity (VFI)

In fixed income, Virtu provides strong liquidity in on-the-run US Treasuries, and serves as a reliable, responsible counterparty to help clients transfer risk and execute with confidence.

  • FI provides customizable, two-sided prices feeds  that are consistently strong, with large size and competitive prices, through US, London, and Asia trading hours.
  • Our offering is not a re-pricing of any other market. It is executable internal liquidity derived from our advanced valuation models and internal books. Further, clients can choose to access our liquidity or leave a resting order in our order book.
  • Our markets are firm. There is no “hold time” or “last look.” We ensure the markets clients see are accessible to them regardless of trading conditions.
  • Our leading-edge technology ensures the most up-to-date market data, so clients can get execution information as quickly as possible.
  • VFI provides a market in outright on-the-run US Treasuries and US Treasury curve spreads.

Click here to download trading protocol details for VFI.

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