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Institutional Trading

Deep Liquidity, High Quality Execution and Single-Point Service

Clients count on the market insight of our experienced Institutional Trading team to help access liquidity, maintain anonymity and minimize market impact. Complementing our Algorithmic Services, our team of sales traders and traders deliver high quality execution services, leveraging a deep understanding of the markets as well as customized trading technology designed to efficiently interact with Virtu’s institutional and broker dealer liquidity. Our institutional traders have a long history of strong client relationships and providing exceptional client service. 

Through Virtu, institutional clients have the ability to trade in more than 100 international market destinations, in local market time, as well as to interact with global liquidity from more than 2,000 institutions and 600 broker dealers. Our ability to provide access to buy- and sell-side order flow, supported by capital facilitation when necessary, helps our clients achieve their best execution objectives whether trading in their home markets or across borders.

  • We make a market or trade in more than 19,000 securities, and we are one of the largest sources of off-exchange liquidity in U.S. equities. This breadth and depth creates a differentiated market destination for our clients and a deep pool of unique liquidity that helps institutions achieve their trading objectives while maintaining anonymity and minimizing market impact.

    Our team of highly experienced sales traders and traders provide clients with the ability to execute a wide range of trading strategies from single stock trading to basket trading using our customized trading technology. Virtu's superior algorithmic tools and liquidity help clients efficiently trade baskets across a range of trading objectives. 

    Because our client market-making offering attracts more broker dealer order flow than any other market in the world, our profile is like no other, with deep natural liquidity. As such, we also maintain a particular expertise in small- and mid-cap equities, providing our clients with a unique advantage in helping to effectively trade less-liquid securities.

  • We provide clients with voice and electronic access and trading in Europe through our London-based trading operations. We distinguish ourselves by providing comprehensive, unbundled services with a focus on high execution quality, exceptional client service and competitive commission rates. We customize our executions according to client needs and provide capital facilitation when necessary.

    Virtu is a direct member of the leading European exchanges and MTF’s.

    Our non-US-based clients have access to Virtu's full range of institutional trading services, including voice trading in European, North American and Asian equities, both ordinaries and American Depository Receipts (ADRs).

  • We provide clients with direct market access and sales and trading capabilities in the Asian-Pacific markets and in related ADRs. 


We help our clients find liquidity regardless of whether they use our trading desks or our algorithms. Virtu strives to maintain the highest levels of client service in the industry by acting as a consultant to help determine the best way to access the markets.

Let us help you determine the trading strategies that can best meet your trading goals. 

Securities are offered by Virtu Financial, member of FINRA and SIPC and by Virtu Europe Limited, a broker-dealer authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct  Authority. Both are wholly owned broker-dealer subsidiaries of Virtu Financial. For important disclosures related to products and services, please click here.

Institutional Trading and Services

Virtu’s trading desks and client service teams stand ready to help clients with trading solutions in the U.S. and European equities markets. Virtu’s Institutional Trading team uses experience and market insight to trade on the client’s behalf. We have access to buy- and sell-side order flow and provide capital facilitation when necessary.

With Virtu’s unique liquidity, we have particular expertise in harder-to-trade small- and mid-cap equities and in Exchange Traded Funds. Virtu also offers a range of services to support clients that come to us for both electronic and voice trading, including corporate access and commission services.

This is a business built on long-standing relationships. We are known for, and pride ourselves on, providing exceptional client service. As strategic partners, we assist our clients in finding liquidity regardless of whether they use our algorithms or the trading desk. Let Virtu help you determine the trading strategies that can best meet your trading goals.

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Kevin McCaffrey

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