February 2021

Triton Valor
Pre-Trade Analytics Integration

Triton Valor connects traders to Virtu’s Analytics Portal for data-driven, actionable insights across the entire trade lifecycle. The integration of Virtu’s pre-trade and real-time analysis directly into the execution workflow, offers traders transparency and provides decision support to help mitigate risk and manage implementation costs across global equities.


Pre-Trade Analytics
Cost and risk controls combined with trading analysis and optimization help validate trader strategy selection.

Real-Time Analytics
Can help monitor performance, improve execution process and quality, and fulfill compliance requirements.

*You must be logged into Portal and Triton Valor simultaneously.
Agency Cost Estimator (ACE)
Transaction cost impact model compares daily cost estimates against historical conditions in 75 countries.
Smart Indicators (SMI)
View of current trading conditions and key analytics such as volume, volatility and spread to help estimate the cost of liquidation of a position.
Auction Market Impact
Covers both opening and closing auctions.

Unlock the content of your data—helping you fine-tune execution performance and spot outliers.  

Custom templates can be shared via links so that your team can see what you see.

Explore the newly integrated insights as we illustrate common execution analysis workflows


Pre-Trade Single Instrument

Run pre-trade analysis off a single entry by right-clicking directly in your Entries blotter.

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Pre-Trade Tradelist

Run pre-trade analysis off a list by right-clicking directly in your View Manager.

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Real-Time Views

Dock views anywhere on your Triton desktop, click on an entry or order to populate with real-time insights.

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This isn’t just a simple upgrade; this is our most advanced EMS.