October 2021

Triton Valor
Program trading tools to analyze, segment, track and recap your workflow

Use Triton Valor and its integrated Analytics Portal features to simplify the complexities of program trading execution, decision-making and communications.


Analyze your program with data-driven insights

  • Pre-trade insights: run Virtu’s pre-trade Analytics across your program trade with a simple right-click.
  • Data visualizations: dock pre-trade components (i.e.: cost estimates, market indicators, trade scheduling and more) in your workspace to quickly isolate potentially more difficult, high risk trades.
  • Relative value: analyze and track how the stock is moving relative to the sector index, useful to help you time execution. Triton automatically picks the relative index.

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Segment and track for real-time performance monitoring

Dynamic filtering of real-time benchmarking and transaction cost estimates.

  • Segment your program trade entries: use summary rows to filter and isolate trades for additional insights.
  • Track progress and measure: the performance versus custom benchmarks in real-time.
  • Real-time monitoring: use the totals view for a high-level summary, can be done in absolute or net terms.
  • WRK panel: Use Triton’s new WRK panel to execute waves of orders from a summary row to trade a strategy.
  • Spot real-time outliers: Link summary rows to integrated Analytics Portal components to help spot real-time outliers in waves.
  • Track performance: Link lists to breakdown performance and track by attribute.

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Recap to summarize and analyze your trades

The Trade Recap shortcut can streamline everyday communications directly from Triton.

  • Post-trade reporting: run and customize program trade reporting same day or historically using Portal hot buttons―display only the information you want.
  • Shareable reports: use the export function either via secure link or PDF.

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This isn’t just a simple upgrade; this is our most advanced EMS.