Virtu Capital Markets

Purpose-built ATM for raising capital efficiently and cost-effectively.

Your business success depends on your ability to access capital. Virtu Capital Markets offers corporate issuers efficient and cost-effective access to capital via its At-the-Market Program (ATM).

At-the-Market: An important tool for public companies to raise equity capital.

  • ATMs address inefficiencies in traditional capital raises that include market dislocation, high underwriting fees and post-deal trading impact.
  • ATMs provide an issuer the opportunity to raise both large amounts of capital and incremental capital–giving the ability to better match sources and uses of capital.
  • The ATM structure has been used by issuers in numerous sectors across different corporate structures including real estate (REITS), life sciences, oil & gas, financial services, metals & mining, closed-end funds, transportation and business development companies.

ATMs are a trading structure and exist in a fast-moving ever-changing trading environment.